In this small-time frame, we were able to reach good results and reviews. During all these year we tried our best to earn your trust and to make your stay something to remember by.

Looking at the reviews we got in system, we are standing at a fantastic rating of 9.1 out of 10! The biggest and the most outstanding advantage we have at this moment is our location, which is rated up to 9.5, other excellent ratings are going to our staff and cleanliness. Looking at these high ratings, we can see that we are going in the right direction, with the help of our customers. We are open to any suggestions and remarks as we try to look over each and every one of them, working with our weak points, and by doing that, showing our strengths in the process.

Since the opening of our hotel there were a lot of changes. For example, we offer our customers freshly ground coffee. In spite of the overnight stay, we can help you with transfers, car rentals, food and drinks. Everything is done for the wellbeing our customers, as we strive to help with every issue.

We thank you for being with us and we will be waiting your visit.

See you!

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