Air Hotel offers its guests a comfortable and quiet rest before or after the flight, in comfortable, stylish, spacious double rooms or family suites for you to relax and enjoy a stay. For your convenience, all rooms have a private bathroom, Wi-Fi internet access, TV, some rooms have separate kitchens, where you can cook your favourite meals. We pay special attention to the needs of our guests, therefore, all rooms have everything you need and our qualified staff will take care of pleasant service. In addition, each room has a parking space in our own car park, so you don’t have to worry about safe parking of your car.

WARNING! If the reservation was not made using our webpage, the room security deposit is applicable 100 EUR . The deposit is used to guarantee that if the damage is made to the property, there will be enough funds to cover upon the client’s departure. At the end of client’s stay, the room is checked by the staff and the deposit is refunded if no damage has been done.